1st Lt. David Richard Reynolds Camp, SCV, Mount Pleasant, Texas


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Crossed Confederate Flags

1st Lt. David Richard Reynolds




CSA Army Service Medal

CSA Army Service Medal

Which CSA Army Service Area did your Ancestor Serve in?

CSA Army Area Map

Now you can honor your ancestor with a beautiful medal and accompanying certificate.

CSA Army Service Area Bars

These keepsakes are available to members and non-members alike who wish to honor their Confederate Ancestors by showing the CSA Army Service Area in which they served.

$30.00 each, includes the CSA Army Service Medal, the Bar displaying the Army Area they served in, a Certificate sutiable for framing, a short discription of the Army Area, and all shipping and handling. Medal is standard 1 1/2 inch military style and sutable for engraving on the back. If your ancestor served in more than one Army area, aditional bars can be purchased for $10.00 each.

See a Sample Certificate by clicking here.

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