1st Lt. David Richard Reynolds Camp #2270, SCV, Mount Pleasant, Texas


Winfield Cemetery

The Winfield Cemetery is a large public cemetery located South of the Town of Winfield in the far Southwestern section of Titus County and almost to the border with Franklin County. The community of Winfield was originally named Barrett and there has been a confusion of names with respect to Winfield and Barrett Cemeteries. Barrett cemetery lies North and East of the town of Winfield while Winfield cemetery is South of the town. Winfield Cemetery must have had it’s beginning around the turn of the 19th century since two monuments bear the dates of 1898. There have been significant additions to the land incorporated by the cemetery and there appears ample room for expansion. The cemetery is fenced with chain link fencing and is well maintained. Access roads divide the cemetery into quadrants that have been designated Northeast (NE) immediately to the left of the entrance, Northwest (NW) immediately to the right of entrance, Southeast (SE) the section after the East/West roadway on the left and Southwest (SW) the section after the East/West roadway on the right.

According to Lynch Harper in his “Cemeteries of Titus County”, there were numerous stones marking locations of graves without monuments. The only stones remaining are 3 pieces of petrified wood. However, 3 clay pots and 2 ceramic urns marked other grave sites and 6 unreadable funeral home markers (FHM) were found at others. A Cemetery Memorial is conducted annually on the 4th Saturday in April at 1:00 P. M. Business concerning the cemetery is conducted at that time.

To reach the Winfield Cemetery from the Titus County court house, take West 1st Street west for 0.5 mile to the intersection with Ferguson Road (US 271). Turn right onto Ferguson Road and proceed 1.6 miles to the intersection with Interstate Highway 30 (IH-30). Turn left onto IH-30 and proceed 6.8 miles and exit at Exit 153. At the stop sign, turn left onto the IH-30 overpass. At the next stop sign, turn left onto the IH-30 frontage road. After 0.2 mile, the cemetery entrance will be on the right. Coordinates: 33o09.546'N 095o06.640'W

At the present time, there is no Guardian for this cemetery. If you are interested, or if you know of any other Confederate Soldier that is buried here and not listed then please Contact Us.

Coleman, Mathew William 08/06/1836 02/12/1915 Co. F, 19th Texas Infantry Pvt.  
Garretson, William Walter 02/08/1848 09/10/1920 Co. H, 11th Tennessee Cavalry Pvt.  
Hogue, Jeremiah S. 01/20/1905 04/09/1905 Co. I, 15th Arkansas Infantry    
Miller, John Jackson 12/25/1822 08/18/1901 37th Texas Cavalry Pvt.  
Nutt, N.J. 10/10/1843 09/27/1919 Co. K, 33rd Arkansas Infantry Pvt.  
Oliver, Andrew D. 1844 01/29/1925 Co. B, 41st Alabama Infantry Pvt.  
Pittmen, James Elbert 03/15/1844 02/05/1925 Co. B, 33rd Arkansas Infantry    
Rogers, Francis M. 10/??/1841 01/06/1921 Co. D, 11th Texas Infantry Pvt.  
Spruill, William Joseph 05/??/1848 08/16/1917 Co. A, 45th Alabama Infantry Pvt.  
Webb, Alexander T. 08/27/1845 08/14/1932 Co. C, 21st Alabama Infantry Pvt.  
Westbrook, George Washington 11/29/1844 08/29/1925 Co. H, 10th Alabama Cavalry Pvt.