1st Lt. David Richard Reynolds Camp #2270, SCV, Mount Pleasant, Texas


Union Hill Cemetery

Union Hill is a medium sized public cemetery found in rural Southeast Titus County. James A. Tabb deeded the property to the Methodist Church in 1897 although from examining the gravestones leads to the conclusion that burials were taking place prior to this deed. The cemetery, then, must have been established prior to the deed. In 1964 the church established the Union Hill Cemetery Foundation with a full slate of officers to oversee a perpetual care fund. This has resulted in the cemetery being enclosed in a chain link fence and the grounds are very well kept. Decoration Day services are held annually. At these services, a meal is served and a business meeting is held.

Various grave markers with no information can be found throughout the cemetery. For instance, the cemetery is dominated by at least 299 flat concrete slabs that mark known grave sites. A petrified tree trunk stands over one grave site, 3 native rocks, a manufactured concrete monument with the glass window broken, an oval topped metal monument with and embossed cross, and 2 unreadable funeral home markers (FHM) mark others. There are some broken parts of monuments with inscriptions as follows: “Love that blossomed but to die transplanted now above to bloom with God on high”; “Weep not she is not dead but sleepeth”; “-- 12, 1899 Budded on earth to bloom in Heaven. She is not dead but sleepeth”; and a colored one that reads “infant”. There are no further identifying information on those markers.

To reach the Union Hill Cemetery from the Titus County court house, take Madison Avenue south for 0.3 mile to the intersection with Ferguson Road (US 271). Turn left onto Ferguson Road and proceed 3.2 miles (Ferguson Road becomes Texas Highway 49) to the intersection with Farm Road 2348. Turn right onto FM 2348 and proceed 0.7 mile. The cemetery is located on the right side of the road. Coordinates: 33o07.632'N 094o55.153'W

At the present time, there is no Guardian for this cemetery. If you are interested, or if you know of any other Confederate Soldier that is buried here and not listed then please Contact Us.

Broughton, William S. 03/21/1844 01/13/1902 Co. A, 15th Alabama Infantry Pvt.  
Campbell, Joseph Newton 11/23/1847 10/17/1927 Co. A, 1st Mississippi Cavalry Pvt.  
Crocker, T.J. 09/28/1846 09/15/1920 Co. F, 4th Mississippi Infantry Pvt.  
Culpepper, Joel T. 07/04/1832 01/13/1914 Co. F, 18th Texas Infantry    
Davis, John M. 09/08/1847 05/07/1881 Co. B, 3rd Georgia Cavalry Pvt.  
Davis, Roland Chester 05/15/1835 03/21/1892 Co. H, 12th Texas Cavalry Sgt.  
French, Louis W. 12/28/1840 11/18/1912 Co. E, 19th & 20th Consolidated Tennessee Cav Pvt.  
Long, Henry Franklin 11/01/1829 10/20/1892 Co. I, 37th Tennessee Infantry Pvt.  
Greer, Wade H. 12/12/1842 03/29/1884 Co. K, 7th Texas Cavalry Pvt.  
Ponder, James 09/12/1841 08/07/1926 Co. D, 9th Texas Cavalry  Pvt.  
Winn, John M. 12/05/1843 05/20/1928 Co. K, 2nd Alabama Cavalry Pvt.