1st Lt. David Richard Reynolds Camp #2270, SCV, Mount Pleasant, Texas


Tranquil Cemetery
Guardian: Larry "Joe" Reynolds

This is a large rural public cemetery located in the extreme eastern part of Titus County. A chain link fence surrounds the large acreage and the grounds are extremely well kept. The cemetery was founded in the mid nineteenth century from land given by Joseph Guest. At one time, it adjoined the New Hope Methodist Episcopalian Church but the church was relocated. A board has been created to preserve and maintain a perpetual fund that was created for the purpose of maintaining the cemetery. This board heads the non-profit Tranquil Cemetery Association formed by constitution and by-laws. The cemetery has been awarded a Texas Historical Monument that was dedicated May 5, 2002. The plaque reads as follows: “TRANQUIL CEMETERY This cemetery lies on five acres of land in the Joseph J. Quest headright reportedly set aside in the 1850s for a church and burial ground (dated records were lost in a fire). The Tranquil Methodist Episcopal Church, South was established here until it was relocated two miles to the East in 1886 as the New Hope Methodist Episcopal Church, South. In a replacement deed drawn up in 1899 Guest officially conveyed the burial ground to the trustees at New Hope. The deed was passed on to the Tranquil Cemetery Association in 1966. The community continues to preserve and care for this site that chronicles its settlement and heritage.

"Historic Texas Cemetery 2001"

The name Tranquil is certainly appropriate for this cemetery. Its quiet setting and magnificent vista helps to sooth those grieving visitors to the grave sites. Of interest are the numerous ways in which grave sites are marked without inscribed monuments. There was a flat granite slab with no inscription marking one grave. A native stone that appears to once been in the shape of a cross and appears to have been inscribed but the elements have taken their toll marked another. At least 179 flat concrete slabs mark other sites. Then there were three marble slabs, one unreadable funeral home marker (FHM), and four native rocks standing alone. Three small granite slabs that have “Baby Massey” mark some grave sites. The cemetery is dominated by two mortared brick vaults that have no inscription

To reach the Tranquil Cemetery from the Titus County court house, take West 1st Street west for 0.5 mile to the intersection with Ferguson Road (US 271). Turn right onto Ferguson Road and proceed 1.3 miles to the intersection with US 67. Turn left onto US 67 and proceed 7.1 miles to the intersection from the right with County Road (CR) 1070 (CR NW 3). Turn right onto CR 1070 and proceed approximately 2 miles which brings you to a Y intersection from the left with CR 2010. Take the right fork which remains CR 1070. The cemetery lies 0.8 mile on a hilltop on the right of the road. Coordinates: 33o12.470'N 095o07.242'W

At the present time, there is no Guardian for this cemetery. If you are interested, or if you know of any other Confederate Soldier that is buried here and not listed then please Contact Us.

Aikin, James R. 03/24/1841 08/01/1878 Co. D, 11th Texas Infantry Cpl. Corporal James R. Aikin
Aikin, William Virgil 1834 1891 Co. D, 11th Texas Infantry Pvt. Pvt. William Virgil Aikin
Brown, James Madison 03/09/1835 06/21/1919 Co. D, 11th Texas Infantry Pvt. Pvt. James Madison Brown
Brown, John Henry Davis 02/04/1830 08/17/1909 Co. I, 11th Texas Infantry Pvt. Pvt. John Henry Davis Brown
Brown, Oscar M. 08/08/1839 03/26/1878 Co. H, 2nd Texas Cavalry 2nd Lt. 2nd Lt. Oscar M. Brown
Bruton, Elisha R. M. 09/16/1806 08/02/1887 Co. G, 33rd Texas Cavalry Pvt. Pvt. Elisha Bruton
Killingsworth, Edward Jones 03/19/1830 02/27/1910 Co. K, 29th Texas Cavalry Pvt. Pvt. Edward Jones Killingsworth
Largent, David E. 02/21/1836 11/02/1884 Co. D, 11th Texas Pvt. Pvt. David E. Largent
Long, James J. Abt. 1838 03/27/1915 Co. D, 11th Texas Infantry Pvt. Gravesite Not Found
Madden, William H. 10/03/1834 03/10/1901 Co. B, 3rd S.C. Light Artillery Pvt. Pvt. William H. Madden
Pollard, Henry F. 1826 12/18/1912 Co. K, 42nd Alabama Infantry Cpl. Gravesite Not Found
Rush, Daniel W. 12/03/1815 03/16/1895 Russell's List of Veterans   Gravesite Not Found
Speer, Isaac 02/24/1825 08/01/1887 Bells' 1st Texas Infantry Pvt. Gravesite Not Found
Stanley, J. T. 04/14/1847 01/27/1891 Co. F, 30th Texas Cavalry   J. T. Stanley
Swope, William Sanford 12/19/1846 12/06/1908 Co. K, 2nd Alabama Infantry Pvt. Pvt. William Sanford Swope
Young, Benjamin F. 03/08/1843 12/18/1896 Co. I, 11th Texas Cavalry Pvt. Pvt. Benjamin F. Young
Young, Garrett 06/18/1811 09/25/1865 Grayrock Volunteers, Titus County, Texas Pvt. Pvt. Garrett Young