1st Lt. David Richard Reynolds Camp #2270, SCV, Mount Pleasant, Texas


Springhill North Cemetery

This is one of two cemeteries in Titus County that bear the name “Springhill”. For the purpose of this study, this cemetery will be called Springhill N (the other being Springhill SE). Both cemeteries derive their name from the proximity to natural spring waters. This is a public cemetery located on two acres that are surrounded by pasture land. It is on the tallest point of land in the surrounding area and has a magnificent view. At one time a black top road ran up to the cemetery but now that has been abandoned and is falling into disrepair. Access is only through private property for about 0.3 mile. This could be detrimental to the preservation of the cemetery in that it may soon be forgotten. The cemetery has recently been subjected to a major clean-up and is very clean with evidence of all scrub brush and limbs burned. A large tree sitting in the cemetery has blown over and damaged the chain link fence that surrounds the cemetery.

It is difficult to determine the number of graves in the cemetery but there appears to be an extensive area that may yet be used. Unlike a number of the other older cemeteries there were only 6 native rocks marking additional graves, 2 others had the initials “D. B.” and “M. C.” scratched into them. There were two funeral home markers, a pile of petrified wood, 2 pieces of a broken concrete marker, and a concrete slab that had “Helen Inez” imprinted on it that marked other grave sites. The latter was surrounded by Hays family headstones. Additionally, there were two rock cairns with concrete headstones with no information on them. Some of the monuments have become so eroded that they present a very difficult readability.

To reach the Springhill N cemetery from the Titus County court house take Jefferson Street (Business US 271) north 1.4 miles to the intersection of Jefferson and Burton (access road of I-30). Turn right (East) onto Burton and continue 0.5 miles to the intersection of Burton and FM 1402 (Harts Bluff Road). Turn left (North) on FM 1402 and proceed 7.8 miles. The cemetery lies about 0.3 miles on the left on top of a hill. At present, a log house sits on the property and a small road runs in front of the house and ends at the cemetery. Several gates are set up along the road. Coordinates: 33o16.833'N 094o57.824'W

At the present time, there is no Guardian for this cemetery. If you are interested, or if you know of any other Confederate Soldier that is buried here and not listed then please Contact Us.

Cargile, Lycurgus 02/27/1842 03/31/1892 Co. G, 19th Texas Infantry Pvt.  
Crooks, Hugh 03/31/1816 10/08/1882 Co. H, 28th Alabama Infantry Sgt.  
Hammonds, Butler Boyd 09/10/1848 02/15/1938 Russell's List of Veterans    
Helton, Dan M. Abt. 1840   Co. I, 15th Texas Infantry Pvt.  
McCray, M.C. 12/16/1847 08/11/1881 Co. A, 12th Alabama Infantry Pvt.  
Parsons, J.B. 09/27/1820 05/13/1899 Co. H, 28th Alabama Infantry Pvt.