1st Lt. David Richard Reynolds Camp #2270, SCV, Mount Pleasant, Texas


Snodgrass Cemetery

Snodgrass Cemetery is an abandoned cemetery located in Southeast Titus County on the Wade Vining Survey. It is about 200 yards West of the Hickory Hill Road. This cemetery was started by David Snodgrass prior to the Civil War, and the earliest date of burial on any monument is John Lindsey, who was buried in 1853. David Snodgrass and his wife and others are buried here. In all, there are probably 20 graves. Lynch Harper in his “Titus County Cemeteries” presents a very good history and genealogy for the cemetery and the Snodgrass family. A striking improvement has been achieved by some dedicated individuals that have taken it upon themselves to clean and straighten the cemetery. All previous histories of the the cemetery mention its shabby, overgrown condition. Now, thanks to those individuals, the cemetery grounds are cleared and monuments are clean and arranged. They have also drafted a very comprehensive plot of the cemetery. If only we had more like these! We further hope this information will be published for the the community good.

In addition to the formal monuments found in the cemetery, there were many other indications of grave sites without monuments. These included: a pile of native stone, 23 native stones, a part of a monument with no inscription, a concrete slab, 3 brick cairns, a concrete crypt with no identification, and a brick ringed inclosure.

To reach the Snodgrass Cemetery from the Titus County court house, take Madison Street south for 0.3 mile to the intersection with Ferguson Road (US 271). Turn left onto Ferguson Road and continue Southeast (the road becomes Texas Highway 49). Proceed 3.8 miles to the intersection of Chapel Hill Road (FM 1735). Turn right onto FM 1735 and continue for 3.8 miles. The cemetery lies at the end of this private drive on the right, approximately 200 yards, from FM 1735. Coordinates: 33o05.540'N 094o52.402'W

At the present time, there is no Guardian for this cemetery. If you are interested, or if you know of any other Confederate Soldier that is buried here and not listed then please Contact Us.

Snodgrass, Dave 1838 Dec. 13, 1876 Texas Cavalry   Dave Snodgrass
Snodgrass, George W. 1834 January 24, 1873 Co. N, 27th Texas Cavalry Sgt. Sgt. George W. Snodgrass
Snodgrass, John A. 1831 1870 Co. N, 27th Texas Cavalry 1st Sgt. 1st Sgt. John A. Snodgrass
Snodgrass, Thomas J. November 15, 1833 August 25, 1892 Suttons Texas Cavalry   Thomas J. Snodgrass
Snodgrass, William M.     Co. E, 34th Texas Cavalry Sgt. Sgt. William M. Snodgrass
Turner, D. M. November 3, 1844 June 29, 1919     D. M. Turner