1st Lt. David Richard Reynolds Camp #2270, SCV, Mount Pleasant, Texas


Masonic Cemetery
Guardian: Talks With White Buffalo

Located in the Northwest part of the city of Mt. Pleasant, the Masonic cemetery has provided the burial needs for the city and county since 1888. It was started then by Thompson Morris and wife giving 5 acres to the Masonic Lodge to be used for cemetery purposes. The original deed states “The citizens of Mt. Pleasant concluded in a mass meeting that the Old Mt. Pleasant Cemetery is in such condition that the dead buried there is in such irregular manner that it is impossible to put the Cemetery in such condition as becomes Christian people---have selected a tract of land for a New Cemetery to be used for the burial of White People ONLY to be known as the Masonic Cemetery.”

Records show that those interred in the old Christian Cemetery were reinterred in the Masonic Cemetery and the Christian Cemetery closed. No trace of the Christian cemetery now exists.

All the lots in the Masonic Cemetery have been sold and currently there are no plans for expansion.

During the course of this inventory, the following anomalies were encountered: there were 6 unreadable funeral home markers (FHM); a marker that was found on the Lazarus plot which has only “Rose” engraved on it; a marker found on the Pittman plot that has “Selina” engraved on it; 4 small granite stones that say Bryan, Onie & Otis, Martha, Baby; 3 native stones, a marker that has only “Ann Margaret Sep 1812 1927; 2 broken and missing monuments; 4 concrete encased graves with no identification; a petrified wood marker; a monument base with the monument missing; a footstone with the inscription T. W. P. but no monument; and a brick vault with no identifying information.

To reach the Masonic Cemetery from the Titus County court house take Jefferson Avenue north for 0.6 mile to the intersection with West 12th Street. Turn left onto West 12th Street and proceed about 0.3 mile to the intersection from the right with Branch Street. Turn right onto Branch street. The entrance to the cemetery is about 0.1 mile. Coordinates: 33o 10.035' 094o 58.440'.

The Guardian for this cemetery is Talks With White Buffalo. If you know the exact location of any of these gravesites that was not found, or if you know of any other Confederate Soldier that is buried here and not listed then please Contact Us.

Batte, Richard G. 09/17/1844 04/02/1931 Co. I, 27th Texas Cavalry Pvt.
Bell, Stephen Thomas    11/14/1845 08/12/1909 Co. F, 7th Kentucky Cavalry Pvt.
Black, Jacob Shannon 08/12/1828 05/22/1872 Co. I, 27th Texas Cavalry Pvt.
Blunt, E. Alex 10/01/1845 02/03/1891 Co. G, 1st Confederate Cavalry  
Booker, James     Russell's List of Veterans  
Caldwell, Thomas Bunkum 12/12/1844 05/13/1925 Co. E, Morgan's Texas Cavalry Pvt.
Carr, Charles C. 10/20/1844 02/16/1905 Co. I, 9th Texas Cavalry Pvt.
Christian, William H. 08/29/1824 02/27/1887 Co. D, 11th Texas Infantry Capt.
Cleland, Bluford T. 07/17/1845 06/09/1927 Co. K, 14th Alabama Infantry Pvt.
Copeland, James.Lafayette 11/18/1841 01/06/1914 Co. G, 2nd Kentucky Cavalry Pvt.
Denman, Joshua Wood 08/??/1845 01/01/1917 Co. K, 24th Mississippi Infantry Pvt.
Dickson, Green Berry 07/16/1845 03/05/1941 Co. E, 14th Alabama Infantry Pvt.
Dixon, James H. 02/10/1832 11/17/1910 Co. I, 18th Texas Infantry 2nd Lt.
Duffell, Francis Marion 09/16/1834 12/30/1899 Co. G, 2nd Louisiana Cavalry  
Ellis, David William 06/15/1842 01/29/1925 Co. I, 27th Texas Cavalry Pvt.
Green, Alfred L. 08/09/1845 12/03/1907 Co. C, 84th Tennessee Infantry Pvt.
Hanes, David Wiley 11/12/1841 03/22/1912 Co. B, 1st Alabama Cavalry Pvt.
Hargrove, Lemuel 07/25/1830 01/16/1911 Co. B, 39th Alabama Infantry Lt. Col.
Hays, H.M. 10/18/1831 05/13/1910 Co. I, 50th Arkansas Militia Pvt.
King, Monroe Shannon 09/01/1839 06/18/1901 Co. F, 18th Texas Infantry Pvt.
Logan, Dudley 01/08/1846 11/21/1898 7th Alabama Cavalry  Pvt.
McArthur, James B. 01/17/1905 03/26/1905 Co. H, 2nd Texas Infantry Pvt.
McCauley, Samuel Franklin 08/16/1844 10/23/1922 Co. B, 33rd Mississippi Infantry Pvt.
Mitchell, J.H. 10/12/1844 04/20/1928 Co. E, 8th Tennessee Cavalry Pvt.
Morris, Thompson 02/27/1830 09/16/1891 Co. I, 27th Texas Cavalry 1st Lt.
Owens, Hiram Lafayette 12/04/1843 04/09/1900 Co. G, 22nd Alabama Infantry Pvt.
Pounders, Samuel Porter 01/10/1848 06/10/1930 Co. B, Hardy's Arkansas Infantry Pvt.
Reed, Jesse A. 03/10/1822 06/25/1901 Co. H, 11th Texas Infantry Pvt.
Suggs, Laban Josiah  02/03/1846 09/23/1917 Co. G, 8th Mississippi Cavalry Pvt.
Tennison, James Booker 08/19/1846 08/05/1916 Walkers Tex Div Hood’s Magrauder’s Body Guard  
Wakefield, Larkin Levy 01/22/1841 06/03/1924 Co. I, 27th Texas Cavalry Pvt.
Williams, Davis Grissom 03/11/1842 01/16/1912 Co. D, 5th Alabama Infantry Pvt.
Williams, Isaac N. Sr. 07/06/1838 12/11/1898 Co. D, 11th Texas Infantry Pvt.
Wood, Joseph G.W. 01/14/1836 07/20/1896 Co. F, 18 Texas Infantry Ociltree’s Regt  Lt. Col.