1st Lt. David Richard Reynolds Camp #2270, SCV, Mount Pleasant, Texas


Justiss Cemetery

Justiss Cemetery is a medium sized public cemetery located in rural Southeastern Titus County. It was established by William Justiss around 1850. Probably at the death of his daughter, Mary J. Justiss, who had married A. Cobb, as she was buried (died) on 9-6-1854. The Titus County Historical Society had a monument erected for Benjamin Gooch, a Titus County Pioneer. The cemetery has a white section on the West side and an African-American section on the East side. It contains 4 acres of land. Burials continue at infrequent intervals. Reasonable maintenance is conducted on the white section but the weeds are allowed to grow rather long. No maintenance is conducted on the African-American section and some of the graves are becoming lost in the underbrush and trees. The white section is surrounded by a chain link fence but there is no fence around the other section.

There were 24 concrete blocks locating some unmarked graves, 9 native stones, and 5 combinations of native stone and concrete block marked others. There was one native stone cairn.

To reach the Justiss Cemetery from the Titus County court house, take Madison Street south for 0.3 mile to the intersection with Ferguson Road (US 271). Turn left onto Ferguson Road and continue Southeast (the road becomes Texas Highway 49). Proceed 7.6 miles on Highway 49. The cemetery lies on the right, perhaps 100 feet South of the highway on a hill. Coordinates: 33o06.769'N 094o51.005'W

At the present time, there is no Guardian for this cemetery. If you are interested, or if you know of any other Confederate Soldier that is buried here and not listed then please Contact Us.

Duke, A.J. 1828 1865 Co. F, 51st Tennessee Infantry Pvt.  
Kimbrell, David Thomas 01/22/1825 02/09/1914 Co. A, Arkansas State Troops    
Justiss, James Osborn 11/10/1843 05/09/1910 11th Regiment, Texas Cavalry    
Justiss, John Wilfred 09/18/1829 04/20/1908 Co. H, 9th Texas Cavalry Pvt.  
Justiss, William H. 11/??/1834   11 Texas Infantry Pvt.  
Lasater, J. M. 02/10/1829 01/07/1893 Co. A, 22nd Texas Infantry    
Reid, John F.  Abt. 1825   Co. E, 33rd Texas Cavalry Chism’s Texas Cavalry