1st Lt. David Richard Reynolds Camp #2270, SCV, Mount Pleasant, Texas


Damascus Cemetery

Damascus Cemetery is one of the early historic cemeteries of Titus County. It was founded, most probably in the 1850s, in the Northwest part of the rural county. An article published in the Baptist Monitor perhaps has the most factual description of the origin: “History records that Dr. and Mrs. Riddle (Dr. Isaac Rogers Riddle) has buried a child on what they thought was their land, but was actually on land belonging to Josh Stevens. Upon learning of this, Mr. Stevens deeded two acres of land for the church and cemetery on April 8, 1869. In 1889 J. W. And Florence Edmonds donated an additional one and one-half acres to the church. The Edmonds had lost a child and buried the child outside the cemetery on land belonging to them. When they sold out and moved, they gave the land to the church”. Another historical document (source unknown) states: “On 12th August 1869 Joshua Stephens deeded one acre of land to ‘The Missionary Baptist Church of Christ called Damascus’ for the love of Christianity. This came about, according to stories from an “old timer,” because a family had buried their children on what the thought was church property and later found out it was Mr. Stephens land. Mr. Stephens, instead of having them move the graves, just gave an acre for the purpose of a graveyard to be used for that purpose ‘Forever’! These deaths & burials may have been as early as 1857.

The cemetery is blessed with a beautiful setting, peaceful and isolated, however it has been surrounded by the Texas Utility mining operation. A perpetual care fund assures the continued excellent maintenance of the fenced and landscaped grounds. As of April 30, 1998 the committee overseeing this fund was given as: President - Roland Bridges; Vice President/Secretary/Treasurer - Chuck Hinson; Program Committee - Gene Rhea, Jimmy Franklin, & Billy Hinson; Perpetual Care - Roland Bridges, Chuck Hinson, Ennis Grarraputo, Harold Amerson, Dickie Crooks, Wayne Floyd, Billy Hinson. An annual Memorial Service is held at the Damascus Church for the cemetery on the Saturday before the first Sunday in May.

The routine maintenance of the cemetery, no doubt, has resulted in some grave sites being lost but there remain many ways of marking known sites. A concentrated effort has resulted in the placement of at least 193 concrete slabs. Additionally, there was one native rock with an unreadable inscription, 3 concrete blocks, 2 concrete slabs with granite chips embedded spelling “HOBBS”, 7 native stones, a brick cairn, 3 concrete rounds, 3 petrified rocks, a concrete monument that was inscribed “Rest while friends in sorrow”, 1 brick, 2 slope-faced concrete blocks which appears to have been inscribed, five manufactured concrete markers on which the glass was broken and data missing, a broken flower pot that had the name “Annie May Denny” and rocks and concrete blocks, 2 concrete slabs approximately 2 ft. X 3 ft. that marked one grave site, and 2 red clay forms mounted in concrete that had on them: “In God we trust”.

To reach the Damascus Cemetery from the Titus County court house, take West 1st Street west for 0.3 mile to the intersection of Edwards Avenue. Turn right (north) on Edwards Avenue. Edwards will cross US 67, IH 30, and US 271 and also become FM 1734. After 3.8 miles on Edwards County Road (CR) 1135 will intersect from the right. Turn right onto CR 1135. The road dead ends at the cemetery after about 0.4 mile. Coordinates: 33o11.591'N 095o01.049'W

At the present time, there is no Guardian for this cemetery. If you are interested, or if you know of any other Confederate Soldier that is buried here and not listed then please Contact Us.

Capel, James Jackson 03/18/1841 04/06/1906 Co. E, 7th Alabama Infantry Pvt.  
Chapman, Abner Absalom 11/30/1833 07/08/1883 Co. D, 11th Texas Infantry Pvt.  
Cooley, David W. 09/28/1821 04/25/1888 Co. B, 11th Texas Cavalry Pvt.  
Combs, Thomas C. 10/31/1829 10/20/1907 Co. D, 47th Alabama Infantry Pvt.  
Denny, William M. 1832 1917 Co. E, 18th Texas Infantry Pvt.  
Fairchild, Benajah Warren 04/02/1836 11/04/1927 Co. H, 19th Arkansas Infantry Sharpshooters    
Harbour, James Harold 11/18/1846 01/25/1907 Co. G, 1st Tennessee Calvary    
Harbour, Samuel Ely 02/23/1843 04/28/1907 Co. G, 1st Confederate Cavalry Pvt.  
Harbour, William Lewis 04/25/1840 02/28/1880 Co. G, 1st Confederate Cavalry Pvt.  
Moulton, Peter Green 06/07/1833 12/01/1916 Co. D, 9th Texas Infantry Pvt.  
Riddle, Isaac Rogers 11/18/1828 03/09/1903 Co. D, 11th Texas Infantry 1st Sgt.  
Riggs, Hollic C. Abt. 1823 01/08/1891 Co. A, 22nd Texas Infantry Sgt.  
Rose, John Baldwin 06/05/1843 1914 Co. B, 9th Tennessee    
Spivey, Henry C. 04/15/1847 01/23/927 Co. B, 4th Alabama Cavalry Pvt.  
Stephenson, William Mann 09/01/1815 05/25/1899      
Stringfellow, W.A. 06/01/1838 06/19/1925 Co. B, 8th Mississippi Cavalry Pvt.