1st Lt. David Richard Reynolds Camp #2270, SCV, Mount Pleasant, Texas


Coopers Chapel Cemetery
Guardian: Robert Jones

Coopers Chapel Cemetery is a large public cemetery located in far Northeast Titus County. It is fenced with a chain link fence, well maintained and has ample room for expansion. The cemetery is quite old and although it’s history is scarce, from the monuments, we know it existed in the early 1880s. The Cooper family was instrumental in establishing the cemetery with some of the Coopers coming to Texas in the wagon train with the Riddles in 1847. The first recorded deed for the cemetery came from William Cooper to the Coopers Chapel church and graveyard. A Texas Historical Landmark designation has been awarded to the church and cemetery. It reads as follows:

The pioneer families of William Cooper and William Ellis moved from Tennessee and settled here sometime during the 1850s. The burials of W. R. Cooper, Lizzie Dixon, and a Mrs. Harvey in 1886 are the earliest burials recorded here. By 1895 William Cooper had donated two acres, including the early grave sites, for church and graveyard purposes.
Although local tradition indicates that this sanctuary was built by members of the Cooper’s Chapel Church of Christ in 1892 the earliest record of its existence is contained in a deed recorded in 1913. It is a modest example of a rural frame church sanctuary featuring a hipped roof and double door primary entrance. The site of numerous social activities, particularly during the 1930s depression period, the building served as a place of worship until 1980. It was transferred to Coopers Chapel Cemetery trustees in 1981.
A springtime event known as “Decoration Day” began early in the community’s history and continues today as an annual event often attended by over 200 people. Among those buried here are Mrs. Harvey’s son William, a prominent local citizen. Many of this area’s pioneer settlers and their descendants, and veterans of wars ranging from the Civil War to the Vietnam conflict.
Recorded Texas Historic Landmark 1993

A program instituted many years ago of marking graves without monuments with flat, concrete slabs has resulted in there being 155 of those slabs remaining. Additionally, 20 concrete construction blocks mark other grave sites along with a basket and flower pot, 3 granite slabs, a 6 inch square concrete block, a monument base with the monument missing, 2 manufactured concrete markers that have lost the glass and information on the interred, an unreadable funeral home marker (FHM) and a native stone serve to mark others.

To reach the Coopers Chapel Cemetery from the Titus County court house take Jefferson Street north for 1.4 miles to the intersection with Burton Road (service road for IH-30). Turn right (East) onto Burton Road. The on ramp for Interstate 30 will be on the left 0.2 mile from the intersection. Enter IH-30 and proceed 7.7 miles east and take the Exit 170, FM 1993 off ramp. At the stop sign, turn left (North) onto FM 1993. Proceed 2.1 miles on FM 1993 and the cemetery will lie on the right side of the road at the intersection of County Road (CR) 3425 (CR NE 31). Coordinates: 33o16.293'N 094o51.482'W

The Guardian for this cemetery is Robert Jones. If you know of any other Confederate Soldier that is buried here and not listed then please Contact Us.

Alexander, John Anthony 08/11/1844 12/02/1917 Co. I, 4th Alabama Cavalry   John Anthony Alexander
Banks, John J. 05/11/1842 02/17/1908 Co. H, 6th Arkansas Infantry Pvt. Private John J. Banks
Edwards, Walter B. 03/20/1845 11/24/1910 19th Texas Infantry   Walter B. Edwards
Ellis, John Riley 12/08/1841 05/17/1925 1st Texas Legion Pvt. Private John Riley Ellis
Harvey, William B. 10/14/1847 08/27/1942 Arkansas Home Guard Pvt. Private Harvey B. Williams
Hall, William Armstrong 09/19/1826 01/20/1912 Co. A, 4th Texas Infantry Pvt. Private William Armstrong Hall
O'Pry, John M.     Co. G, 10th Arkansas Cavalry   John M. O'Pry
Redden, John M. 04/??/1840 10/05/1930 Co. G, 35th North Carolina Infantry Pvt. Private John M. Redden
Sullivan, Newton Perkins 03/18/1839 07/26/1913 11th Texas Artillery Pvt. Private Newton Perkins Sullvan
Wilhite, John Alexander 08/15/1838 10/23/1924 Co. A, 22nd Texas Infantry Pvt.Private John Alexander Wilhite
Wofford, Absolan P. 04/15/1844 02/03/1905 Co. E, 8th Mississippi Cavalry Pvt. Private Absolan P. Wofford