1st Lt. David Richard Reynolds Camp #2270, SCV, Mount Pleasant, Texas


Bridges Chapel Cemetery
Guardian: Larry "Joe" Reynolds

This is a very old and large public cemetery located in Northwest Titus County. It has been designated a Texas Historical Site and the marker installed reads as follows. “Relious and Candice Grissom Bridges settled in this area between 1857 and 1860 along with Candice’s brother, Thomas Grissom. In 1867 the family gave land for a Methodist Church and cemetery at this site. The first burial is believed to have been that of a laborer for Thomas Grissom. The earliest marked grave is that of that of Mary Bridges Williams, who died giving birth to her third child, a son who died with her in 1868. Both Relious and Candice Bridges died on October 11 of that year. Six more of their children are interred here. A 1904 Tornado scattered the fragile wooden markers in the Bridges Cemetery, but order was restored. Perpetual care was established here in the 1960s and the Bridges Chapel cemetery continues as a chronicle of the early pioneers of Titus County and the surrounding areas.” Erected in the year 2000. Decoration Day services are held on the Saturday before the Fourth Sunday in April where funds are solicited to maintain the cemetery.

The cemetery maintenance seems to have eradicated evidence of some graves since no depressions remain and native stones have been piled in a few locations. However, there are 2 unreadable funeral home markers (FHM), 4 native stones, 4 concrete slabs, a rock and granite slab with the initials F. H., 3 slabs that say “Marshall”, 2 concrete blocks, a stone covered grave, and 2 granite and stones marking other grave sites. Additionally, there is an eroded, broken and unreadable monument lying flat at another grave site.

To reach the Bridges Chapel Cemetery from the Titus County courthouse proceed North on Jefferson Street (Business US 271) for 8.7 miles (Business US 271 will become US 271.) Turn right (East) on County Road NW 38 (CR 1465). The drive to the Bridges Chapel Cemetery lies 0.2 miles East of US 271. Turn left at the drive and the cemetery will be about 0.1 miles off the County Road. Coordinates: 33o20.787'N 095o02.769'W

At the present time, there is no Guardian for this cemetery. If you are interested, or if you know of any other Confederate Soldier that is buried here and not listed then please Contact Us.

Black, Charles T. 06/12/1832 06/14/1931 Orr's Company 1st Lt.  
Black, Joseph D. 10/24/1837 12/25/1907 Co. K, 13th Alabama Infantry Cpl.  
Cannon, John W. 07/12/1842 06/14/1925 Co. A, 41st Georgia Infantry Pvt.  
Coker, J.C. 09/01/1827 07/06/1907 Co. C, 32nd Texas Cavalry Pvt.  
Edgar, Adam A. 03/09/1821 10/??/1882 Co. B, 17th Alabama Infantry 1st Sgt.  
Fleming, Jacob M. 02/05/1829 01/06/1926 Co. G, 3rd Tennessee Regiment    
Fussell, Joseph 06/20/1850 10/01/1936 Co. H, 46th Georgia Infantry Pvt.  
Gressom, Willis Brown 01/01/1852 08/??/1871 Co. E, 12th Tennessee    
Harper, Sam G, 1828 1887 Co. G, 11th Texas Infantry Pvt.  
Hood, John Henry 01/09/1848 01/27/1915 Co. I, 27th Texas Cavalry Pvt.  
McAfee, T. W. 02/25/1847 12/28/1902 Co. A, 63rd Georgia Infantry    
McPeters, George 19/07/1833 12/16/1901 Co. K, 5th Mississippi Cavalry Pvt.  
Sims, Cullen A. 02/28/1845 09/24/1918 Co. D, 39th Mississippi Infantry Pvt.  
Slone, John David 10/14/1825 12/22/1887 Co. I, 47th Alabama Infantry Pvt.  
Summerlin, William Henry 05/03/1831 02/22/1908 Co. B, 18th Texas Infantry Pvt.  
Thomas, Henry Clay 12/12/1848 1902 Co. A 4th Alabama Pvt.