1st Lt. David Richard Reynolds Camp #2270, SCV, Mount Pleasant, Texas


Blevins-Cason Cemetery
Guardian: Talks With White Buffalo

Blevins-Cason Cemetery is a large public cemetery located about two miles northwest of the community of Cason. It was established prior to the civil war. Speculation has been that the cemetery was founded by Abraham Blevins for whom the cemetery is named and who is buried there but court records show the land was originally surveyed and patented by the Riddle family. Annie Riddle had one of the earliest monuments after having died in 1856 and buried in the cemetery. The land was eventually sold to Abraham Blevins who is buried there and hence the name, Blevins Cemetery. The cemetery is fenced and kept in very good condition. A cemetery Association has been formed to oversee the maintenance, allocate space, and administer the perpetual care. Meetings are held at the Cemetery on the first Sunday in May at 2 PM.

From Mt. Pleasant, TX Titus County courthouse, proceed South on Madison Street for 0.3 miles to Ferguson Road (TX 49). Turn left (east) on Ferguson (TX 49) and go 8.3 miles. Turn right (south) on county road SE 29 (CR 4875). Proceed on SE 29 to the Welsh Reservoir (1.4 miles). The road designation will change to SE 35 but remains CR 4875. Continue south on SE 35 (CR 4875) for 2.6 miles. The Cemetery is on the left enclosed in a chain link fence with an entrance gate archway marked Blevins-Cason.

The Guardian for this cemetery is Talks With White Buffalo. If you know the exact location of any of these gravesites that was not found, or if you know of any other Confederate Soldier that is buried here and not listed then please Contact Us.

Blevins, Abraham 06/10/1823 03/09/1900 Co. D, 27th Texas Cavalry Pvt. Private Abraham Blevins
Blevins, John Wesley 01/21/1845   Co. I, 27th Texas Cavalry Pvt. Private John Wesley Blevins
Chapman, Elisha Embra 06/1/1841 08/18/1902 Co. D, 9th Georgia Infantry   Elisha Embra Chapman
Cole, Isaiah F. abt. 1842   Co. I. 14th Alabama Infantry Pvt. Private Isaiah F. Cole
Fielder, William Ridge 1815 1871 Co. E, & F, 25th Alabama Infantry Sgt.
Friday, Joseph 1838 12/16/1868 Co. D, 27th Texas Cavalry Pvt. Sergeant Joseph Friday
Littlefield, Albert Gallington 08/13/1825 03/06/1910 Co. F, 50th Alabama Infantry   Albert Gallington Littlefield
Patton, James 06/11/1832 08/20/1917 Russell's List of Veterans   James Patton
Porter, William Granville 10/10/1837 03/31/1896 9th Texas Infantry   William Granville Porter
Russell, Daniel Allen 1845 01/26/1918 Co. I, 34th Texas Cavalry   Daniel Allen Russell
Ryan, Abraham Milligan 02/??/1842 04/14/122 Co. A, 27th Texas Calvary Pvt. Private Abraham Milligan Ryan
Suggs, Thomas H. 07/05/1839 09/15/1914 Co.H, 1st Mississippi Infantry Pvt. Private Thomas H. Suggs
Wardlow, David Lafayette 03/04/1839 1871 Co. I, 9th Texas Cavalry Pvt. Private David Lafayette Wardlow
Wardlow, James William 08/24/1836 05/14/1922 Co. N, 27th Texas Cavalry Pvt. Private James William Wardlow
White, Rufus P. 01/??/1841 1931 Co. I, 27th Texas Cavalry Pvt. Private Rufus P. White