1st Lt. David Richard Reynolds Camp #2270, SCV, Mount Pleasant, Texas


Bivens-Old Monticello Cemetery
Guardian: Alvin "Rex" McGee

This cemetery, established circa 1861, is one of the oldest public cemeteries found in Titus County. It is found in rural Southwest Titus county in the Monticello community and thus it’s second name, Old Monticello Cemetery. The cemetery was known as the Monticello Cemetery until overcrowding caused a second cemetery, New Monticello to be opened for the community. The New Monticello is now known as Woodman Cemetery. Both Caucasians and African-American burials dating to the early 1860s are found in Bivens Cemetery. The cemetery is divided into three section (Bivens, Hill, African-American) with the African-American cemetery situated between the two Caucasian sections. Because these section names aren’t posted, they will be designated in this survey as follows: Bivens=Western Section, African American=Center Section, and Hill=Eastern Section.

There are numerous unmarked graves found in the sections as obviated by ground depressions, scattered rocks, bricks and stones. In the Western Section there are concrete blocks with no inscriptions marking 3 graves; 6 bricks mark others; 27 native stones, 23 petrified rocks, 2 carved rocks, 1 granite slab, 4 unreadable funeral home marker (FHM) mark others; and 3 spaces are edged with brick. In the Center Section, 10 unreadable FHMs, 3 native stones, numerous depressions, and concrete curbing with no monuments mark grave sites. There are some depressions and 2 petrified rocks marking grave sites in the Eastern Section.

To reach the Bivens Cemetery from the Titus County courthouse take West 1st Street west for 0.5 miles to the intersection with Ferguson Road (US 271). Proceed straight thru the intersection. The road designation becomes FM 127. 8.1 miles south on FM 127 turn right (east) onto County Road (CR) 2630 (CR SW 12). Approximately 0.1 mile the road forks. 0.7 mile down the right fork (CR SW 11/CR 2600) lies the Bivens Cemetery on the right. Coordinates: 33o06.283'N 095o05.372'W

The Guardian for this cemetery is Alvin "Rex" McGee. If you know the exact location of any of these gravesites that was not found, or if you know of any other Confederate Soldier that is buried here and not listed then please Contact Us.

Barrow, Harmon Hubbard 02/16/1817 06/09/1882 11th Texas Cavalry Lt. Harrison Harmon Barrow
Bivens, John A. 05/29/1836 03/05/1925 Co. G, 1st Confederate Cavalry Sgt. Sergeant John A. Bivens
Crow, William L. 09/14/1832 12/25/1881     William L. Crow
Garretson, William A. 1820 02/28/1885 General Forrest Cavalry   William A. Garretson
Giles, David Smith 1800 08/11/1874 Co. A, 27th Texas Cavalry Pvt. Private David Smith Giles
Hargrove, John William 04/191829 02/23/1894 Co. H, 1st Alabama Regiment Pvt. Private John William Hargrove
Jones, Albert S. 12/16/1846 07/22/1904 Brander's Company Virginia Light Artillery Pvt. Private Albert S. Jones
Lawrence, Enoch 01/05/1820 05/25/1880 Co. D & F, 6th North Carolina 1st Lt. First Lieutenant Enoch Lawrence
Lawrence, Henry Clay 07/29/1845 10/12/1924 Co. H, 2nd Texas Infantry or Co. H, 44th Alabama Pvt. Private Henry Clay Lawrence
Lawrence, John Enoch 09/22/1847 01/19/1897 Co. F, 44th Alabama Infantry Pvt. Private John Enoch Lawrence
Lawrence, William Lee 02/22/1843 05/31/1914 Co. H, 29th Alabama Infantry Pvt. Private William Lee Lawrence
Munn, Andrew 06/24/1837 12/07/1910 Co. A, 1st Regiment Texas State Troops Pvt. Private Andrew Munn
Parr, Clabourn P. 03/061838 12/27/1915 Co. A, 22nd Texas Infantry Pvt. Private Clabourn P. Parr
Sinclair, William Forest 08/27/1826 02/061895 Co. K, 37th Texas Cavalry Pvt. Private William Forest Sinclair
Spruill, James Monroe 01/14/1846 12/04/1890 Co. K, 35th Mississippi Infantry   James Monroe Spruill
Tinnin, D.Q. 08/12/1834 02/06/1918 Co. D, 11th Texas Infantry Pvt. Private D. Q. Tinnin
Tinnin, Robert N. 05/21/1832 12/26/1886 Co. C, 1st Texas Infantry 2 Lt. Second Lieutenant Robert N. Tinnin
Walker, Franklin M. abt. 1845 10/03/1892 Co. A, 11th Texas Cavalry Cpl. Corporal Franklin M. Walker