1st Lt. David Richard Reynolds Camp #2270, SCV, Mount Pleasant, Texas


Barrett Cemetery
Guardian: John Michael Mars

Part of the Barrett Cemetery, eventually renamed Winfield Cemetery, lies 8 miles west of Mt. Pleasant in the South part of the town of Winfield. The part of the cemetery described herein lies about 2 ½ mile NE of Winfield. This cemetery, as of this date (April 21, 2000), is now a part of the Texas Utility (TU) Mine at Winfield, TX. It is a public cemetery accessible through a locked gate and entry is controlled by TU security. From the Titus County court house take West 1st (west) for 0.2 miles. Turn right onto Edwards Avenue for 2.8 miles across US 67, Interstate 30, and across US 271. The highway will be FM 1734. Proceed 5.0 miles to a metal pipe gate on the left of the highway. If the gate is locked, a key may be obtained from the Texas Utility guard 0.2 miles further down 1734 on left. From the gate, the cemetery lies 0.5 miles down a grassy lane that passes through a short tunnel.

The cemetery is not maintained and is in very bad shape. Many monuments have fallen and many broken such that some of the inscriptions are unreadable. There are two sections that are individually fenced; one for whites and one for African Americans. The latter is in the worst state of disrepair with some of the monuments covered over with dirt and debris.

First person: Mary S. Barrett on 11-30-1856. Oldest person: Elizabeth Hilton 1791 (97 yrs) African American: Joe Bolden born 4-3-1836 79 yrs 4 mo 28 days. There are 76 native stone and wood grave markers visible throughout the cemetery and several depressions where graves were most likely present. A large portion of the two sections appear to be unused.

The Guardian for this cemetery is John Michael Mars. If you know of the exact location of any of these unknown gravesites, or if you know of any other Confederate Soldier that is buried here and not listed then please Contact Us.

Barrett, Calvin 07/29/1812 05/12/1888 11th Texas Infantry Capt. Captain Calvin Barrett
Barrett, James Burl 1845 03/17/1921 Co. F, 20th Texas Cavalry  Pvt. Private James Burl Barrett
Barrett, Andrew J. 06/16/1837 05/01/1922 Co. D, 9th Texas Infantry Pvt. Gravesite Not Found
Edwards, Goerge W. 1840 1909 Co. E, 10th Tennessee Cavalry   George W. Edwards
Hensley, John H. 10/25/1841 06/11/1891     Gravesite Not Found
Moulton, Andrew J. 06/16/1837 05/01/1922 Co. D, 9th Texas Infantry Pvt. Private Andrew J. Moulton
Smith, James T. 1822 1879 Co. B, 8th Texas Infantry Pvt. Gravesite Not Found
Smith, Thomas N. 09/02/1815 01/19/1891 Co. B, 8th Texas Infantry Pvt. Gravesite Not Found
Taliaferro, William Duncan 01/18/1833 02/08/1913 Co. K, 12th Texas Infantry Pvt. Gravesite Not Found